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CNC Machining Services

IPR’s machining and fabrication services utilize state of the art CNC machinery, CAD CAM Software, and Solid Modeling Software to provide fast, responsive, and precision machining services to our customers.


CNC Vertical Milling

Looking for a responsive parts supplier with industry expertise?  Contact IPR today to learn about our CNC vertical machining services.


CNC Turning & Milling

Need to save cost or find a reliable parts supplier?  Contact IPR today to learn how our CNC turning and milling can meet a wide variety of part applications with improved efficiency and lower cost.


Metal Fabrication & Welding

Struggling with foreign machinery and the lack of available fabrications and support?  Contact IPR today to learn about our metal fabrication and welding services.


Reverse Engineering

Not sure where to turn without having any part prints or documentation?  Contact IPR today to learn how we can quickly and accurately create a solid model and part drawing from a sample part.

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