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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Improve punch and die cleaning efficiency and effectiveness with aqueous based ultrasonic cleaning technology.

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Tablet Tooling

New ultrasonic cleaners from Branson provide proven ultrasonic cleaning technology with modern designs utilizing PLC control technology. Optional unattended automation provides maximum return on investment.  Contact IPR today to discuss your tablet tooling cleaning requirements!

OMNI 1620P Aqueous Cleaning System


  • PLC control and touchscreen interface offer added functionality including independent control of key set points for each chamber
  • Enhanced durability and lifespan with 316L stainless steel tanks
  • Extended cleaning bath life with standard pump and filter
  • Ease of maintenance through simplified access to routine maintenance components


  • Wash Tank Surface Sparger
  • Oil Removal Package (Coalescer, Ultrafiltration)
  • DI Water Heater or Treatment System
  • Automated Material Handling (TDR)
  • Rotating Baskets



OMNI X TDR-ZP Automated Aqueous Cleaning System


  • Recirculating pump and filter on the wash tank
  • Recirculating hot air dryer and manual sliding cover
  • PLC controls with 3-color touchscreen operator interface
  • Brush-finished 304 stainless steel skirts, doors and control enclosure
  • Drop-in tanks for easy replacement
  • Maintenance items accessible from the front of unit
  • Small footprint to minimize floor space
  • TDR-ZP PLC-controlled, two-dimensional robot
  • Load and unload shelves with proximity switches




TDR 2D Robot for Automated Basket Handling


  • Automated and Unattended Basket Loading and Unloading
  • Load capacity of 110 lbs. (50 kg)
  • Four horizontal and vertical speeds
  • Retrofittable to Existing Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Expandable up to 40 feet or more
  • PLC and PC control packages available


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