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Triple Layer Tablet Press

The Layerpress is designed with three compression stations and three rotary feeders to offer triple layer tablet production.


The Layerpress is designed with three (3) compression assemblies and three (3) rotary feeder assemblies to provide triple layer tabletting to accommodate BB, B, or D size punches.


  • Allen Bradley PLC Machine Control
  • Zero Clearance Rotary Feeders
  • Vacuum Nozzles & Manifolds for Dust Extraction
  • Upper & Lower Interlocked Guard Doors
  • Punch Lubrication
  • Sealed Pre-Lubricated Pressure Rolls


  • Compression Force Monitoring
  • Automatic Tablet Weight Control & Reject


Tooling Type D Size B Size BB Size
Number of stations 49 61 75
Max press output per hour (TPH) 90,000  112,020  137,760 
Max depth of fill 20.63 mm 17.46 mm 17.46 mm
Max tablet diameter 25.4 mm 16 mm 11 mm
Pre Compression 9.81 kN 9.81 kN 9.81 kN
Main Compression 98.07 kN 63.74 kN 63.74 kN
Dimensions 1.27 x 1.49 x 2.08 m
Net Weight    3745 kg

Your Benefits

High Reliability

Excellent Tablet Quality and Line of Demarcation on Layers

Great versatility

Easy cleaning due to access on all four sides

High Yields & Clean Operation with Zero Clearance Feeders & Vacuum System

Readily Available Component Parts

Open Control System Utilizing Allen Bradley PLC Technology

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