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Manesty Unipress

The Manesty Unipress is a flexible and versatile single sided tablet press ideally suited for research and development activities or small batch production.


For quick setup and flexible production

The Manesty Unipress is a single-sided rotary tablet press with pre-compression capability. It is designed for small batch manufacturing of a wide variety of products and therefore ideally suited for tablet development. The small footprint and compact design of the Unipress allows for installation in all production areas.

 The machine can be equipped with either a standard feeder assembly in a 2 paddle design or an elite feeder assembly with 3 paddles. Its compact design is backed by on-machine controls to eliminate a standalone cabinet with connecting cables.

Tooling Type

D Size

B Size

BB Size

Number of stations

20 or 22



Max press output per hour (TPH)




Max depth of fill

20.63 mm

17.46 mm

17.46 mm

Max tablet diameter

25.4 mm

16 mm

11 mm

Pre Compression

9.81 kN

9.81 kN

9.81 kN

Main Compression

98.07 kN

63.74 kN

63.74 kN


0.97 m x 1.0 m x 1.87 m

Net Weight

   1850 kg

Your Benefits

High versatility

Compact Design and Small Footprint

Ideal for Tablet Development and Small Batch Production

Easy cleaning due to access on all four sides

Pre Compression for added flexibility

Allen Bradley PLC for Reliable Controls

Vacuum Dust Extraction for Clean Operation

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