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Manesty MKII Rotapress

The Manesty MKII Rotapress is a robust, durable, and proven double sided tablet press capable of single and bilayer high volume tablet production.


The Manesty MKII is a robust easy to use double sided D, B, or BB press available with rotary feeders.  It is capable of producing single or bilayer tablets.


  • Turret with Stainless Steel Die Table
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Pressure Rolls with Sealed Pre-Lubricated Bearings
  • Punch Lubrication


  • PLC Machine Control
  • Compression Force Monitoring
  • Automatic Tablet Weight Control & Reject
Machine Specifications D Size B Size BB Size
Number of Stations 37 45 61
Press Output (Max) TPM 3,552 8,199 11,114
Press Output (Max) TPH 213,120 491,940 666,852
Average Press Output (50% capacity) 106,560 245,970 333,426
Depth Of Fill mm (Max) 20.63 17.46 17.46
Tablet Diameter mm (Max) 25.4 16 11
Die Diameter mm 38.1 30.1 24.0
Upper Punch Entry mm (Max) 7.9 6.3 6.3
Main Compression (Tons) 10 10 or 6.5 10 or 6.5

Your Benefits

Robust Design

Small Footprint for Double Sided Press

Ideal for Single or Bilayer High Volume Production

Allen Bradley PLC for Reliable Controls

Vacuum Dust Extraction for Clean Operation

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