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TPR 700 Tablet Press

Fully automated double sided tablet press with high OEE (overall equipment effectiveness)

The TPR 700 is the largest tablet press of the TPR series and is capable of producing more than one million tablets per hour. It is suited for a wide range of compressible products including non-pharmaceutical materials such as vitamins.

Ergonomic design

Due to its ergonomic design, both production and technical areas of the tablet press are easily accessible. In addition, a unique two-level production zone ensures the complete segregation of production and technical areas even when removing the exchangeable turret.

Excellent weight consistency at high speed

The modular and ergonomically designed powder feeder system offers a two or three paddle design with single or individually controlled paddle speeds. With a choice of rectangular or round paddle blades materials with a wide range of flow characteristics can be produced.

Tablet discharge chute

The “True Flow” discharge chute features an easy-to-clean pneumatic gate mechanism and an optimized take-off angle, significantly reducing product damage, especially with shaped or friable tablets.

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Your Benefits

Latest torque drive technology

State of the art, off the shelf

Beckhoff stepper/servo motor controls linked with our latest HMI operating software and Windows 10 application system

Mobile HMI with 21 inch touch screen display with clear presentation of data

Software designed in accordance with GAMP 5 guidelines and enables compliance with 21 CFR part 11

Air cushion available for improved mobility of the press

Improved quality with smooth tablet delivery thanks to the “True Flow” discharge chute

Fast changeover with quick and simple turret removal in only ten minutes