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Manesty Novapress

The Manesty Novapress is a medium sized, single sided tablet press designed to accommodate a wide array tablets and granulation blends.


The Manesty Novapress is a single-sided rotary tablet press with pre-compression capability. It is designed for small to medium batch manufacturing and allows for compression over 200,000 tablets per hour.

Due to the long cam cycle and feeder zone, the Novapress has a long dwell and fill time which is ideal for difficult running products. Additionally, the unique 3 paddle design provides excellent flow of material and feeding to the die table and allows for quick changeovers. The tool-less, single piece discharge chute with its tablet chute backup sensor also makes quick changes on the machine possible. For thorough and easy cleaning, the overhead guards can be easily lifted to access all four sides of the machine.

Tooling Type D Size B Size BB Size
Number of stations 37 or 39 45 or 51 61
Max press output per hour 234,000 306,000 366,000
Max depth of fill 20.63 mm 17.46 mm 17.46 mm
Max tablet diameter 25.4 mm 16 mm 11 mm
Pre Compression 9.81 kN 9.81 kN 9.81 kN
Main Compression 98.07 kN 63.74 kN 63.74 kN
Dimensions 1.26 x 1.28 x 1.91 m
Net Weight   2,840 kg

Your Benefits

Ideal for difficult running products due to long cam cycle and feeder

Unique 3 paddle design providing excellent material flow and feeding to the die table

Easy cleaning due to access on all four sides

Heavy duty gearbox supports high tonnage applications

Pre Compression for added flexibility

Allen Bradley PLC for Reliable Controls

Vacuum Dust Extraction for Clean Operation

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