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Dust Cup Puncher

Fast, Simple, and Safe Method for Punching Dust Cups!


 Have you ever had difficulty with installing dust cups on your tablet press?

Have you ever lost the pre-punched tip of the dust cup?

If so, we have a solution for you. IPR has designed an off-line, simple dust cup punching machine that can be used for B and D Tooling and any tool tip size.


  • Accurately and repeatedly punch dust cup on center
  • Improve fit by punching dust cup upside do Reduce set-up time by punching dust cups off-line
  • Increase quality by capturing every punched insert
  • Easy to clean and validate
  • Increase safety by isolating the operator
  • Incorporates standard B & D Tooling

System Components

Dust Cup Carousel – B & D

Base with Stainless Steel Enclosure

Arbor Press

Spring Assembly

Watch our Tech Tip Video to Learn More About the Dust Cup Puncher!

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